Muscle Testing for Body Therapists II

Enhance your assessment skills and your ability to relieve pain and learn how to relate muscles to internal organs.
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Visceral Technique

Visceral Technique is a system of procedures, including reflex points, designed to invigorate the internal organs. These procedures have been used to help individuals with such conditions as...
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Muscle Testing for Massage Therapists

Deepen your knowledge of the muscular system and learn how to use muscle testing to locate hidden Musculoskeletal problems.
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Total Body Renewal – Seminar by Dr. Bruce Costello

Following neurological principles and empirical research you will learn to treat the causes of myofascial pain. Efficient and effective movement is the result of highly specific coordination of muscles, joints and proprioceptors...
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Benefits of Aromatherapy for Massage

The Benefits of Aromatherapy for Massage Therapy
In many countries around the world, including the UK, Australia and South Africa, Massage and Aromatherapy are fully integrated. My vision is to see more integration and acceptance of this amazing gift that nature gives us, in the massage community in Georgia and the US.

Massage Therapy and […]