Reflexology Foundation Course

42-hour BodySystems™ training

Morning class begins January 14, 2020
Evening class begins January 28, 2020

Offering Morning and Evening Classes twice a year
Class dates will be confirmed once enrollment requirements are met.
Please register to receive notice of confirmed dates.

Course Overview

The premise that all parts of the human body are connected to the feet via energy zones or pathways dates back many thousands of years. Using a series of compression movements on specific areas of the feet, the body’s innate energy is supported, stimulated, or calmed, with the intention of restoring balance, promoting well-being.

Our body has the unique ability to heal and restore itself. Reflexology encourages balance via a holistic approach taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The BodySystems Method is a well-established approach to reflexology. Our approach enables you to be aware of the related anatomy and physiology you are affecting, how that body system supports and interacts with the other areas of the body and how best to support our well-being. We focus not only on physical concerns, but also the mind-body-emotional components at hand.

We follow this systematic and logical approach while remaining heart-centered to better assist the healing process.

Becoming proficient and knowledgable, having developed a solid foundation you can then begin to customize and focus your technique, growing confident in your skill and trusting your intuition.  


In this class you will

  • Understand the history and therapeutic principles of Reflexology
  • Learn the basic Anatomy and Physiology of the human body
  • Become proficient in the hands-on application of foot Reflexology
  • Study the body-mind-spirit connections and its importance in Reflexology
  • Understand how to best implement and develop reflexology in your life.


Class Schedule

This 42-hour course meets weekly for 14 weeks, offered as either a morning class or evening option. See schedule for availability.

Morning class: Tuesdays 10am - 1pm
Instructor: Laura Thompson

Evening class: Tuesdays 7pm - 10pm
Roz Zollinger


* Massage therapists may request a CE transcript to receive 42 CE hours via NCBTMB #451383-10. Please check your local/state regulations about accepted CEUs.

* Heal Center's Reflexology programs are not state accredited vocational training or intended for career purposes. They are designed for avocational interest or personal enrichment only.


Instructor Bios

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    Lesson Structure and Approach

    This course is designed to present 'digestible' lessons and discussion while providing ample time for supervised hands-on practice and observation.

    Each weekly 3-hour class will cover a specific body system, associated topics and allow time for questions and discussion. Classes typically begin with the study of the body system, its anatomy and physiology, and then observation and practice of the hands-on techniques.

    Our program provides you the necessary time in between classes to absorb, study, and practice the information from each lesson.

    In providing this program since 1992 we find this lesson structure brings students the greatest success in class while balancing work and family.

    As a guide and mentor with you in your journey in Reflexology we take pride in your success.

    Course Outline

    〉Definition & History of Reflexology

    〉The Skeletal System

    〉The Nervous System

    〉The Endocrine System

    〉Joints and Muscles

    〉The Circulatory System

    〉The Respiratory System

         〉Mid-Term Test - 'Learning Experience'

    〉The Digestive System

    〉The Urinary System

    〉The Lymphatic and Immune System

    〉Helper Areas, Reflex areas, referral areas and pathologies

    〉Body-mind connection

    〉Strategies and protocols

    〉Practices and boundaries

         〉Final written and practical exam


    Additional Requirements

    Submit 10 documented sessions to be completed outside of class.

    Students are encouraged to receive at least one reflexology session before or during the first half of the course with an instructor at the Heal Center.



    No more than 3 classes will be excused. Student is required to make-up lessons missed. Make-up lessons may be arranged with an instructor (at an additional hourly cost to student, $40/hr). Missing more than 9 hours of class may result in having to attend a later class, delayed testing and completion, or even forfeiture of class.



    Study and practice outside of class is necessary and expected (your family and friends will be very grateful). Gaining proficiency in any art and skill comes with consistent practice. Plan on reserving 5-10 hours per week for study and hands-on practice.



    Upon successful completion you will receive your Certificate of Completion.


    When to register

    Anytime. Classes are typically held three (3) times a year.

    3 evening classes  |  3 morning classes.


    How to register

    1.  Click 'Begin Registration' button above
    2.  Select morning or evening class option
    3.  Select a payment option
      • Submit deposit or payment in-full


      • Register without payment. This will notify us of your interest and we will contact you soon.

    Registering without payment does not guarantee your place in class. You are simply letting us know of your interest and we will follow up with you.


    What's next?

    We feel it is important that we have a chance to talk with you, to learn about your interest in Reflexology and your desired outcome, generally about the course, class dates and answer any questions you may have.

    We invite you to schedule a time to visit us, see our teaching space, and get a feel of the classroom environment.

    Please contact us anytime: 404.303.0007


    Morning & Evening classes now forming for January, 2020


    42-hour Foot Reflexology Foundation Class

    Total cost  $710

    •  $100 registration deposit. See remaining balance payment options below.

    * registration deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable.


    •  Course manual and workbook

    •  All in-class supplies


    •  Instructional DVD for home study and practice $35

    Payment Options

    Pay in Full Options

    1.  Select Pay in Full option at check out
    2.  Register by deposit

    •  $610 due after $100 registration deposit.

    •  You will receive a $25 savings with either option.

    •  Balance payment must be made on first day of class to receive $25 savings


    Payment plan

    •  4 payments of $152.50 per month, after deposit payment.

    •  First payment due at first class.

    •  Remaining payments scheduled for following 3 months.

    •  Payment plan requires a credit or debit card on file.

    Refunds  |   Policies

    Time Period  &  Refund Amount

    1 Week prior to first classAmount paid to date less $100 deposit

    Up to 2 weeks after start of class - Amount paid to date less 30% and $125 (deposit + Manual)

    Beyond 2 weeks after start of class - No refund can be provided. Scheduled payments continue as agreed.


    Late Payment Fees

    30 days: 3%
    60 days: 5%
    90 days: 10%

    Late fees are due with balance owed and also apply to late payments due to declined/ failed charges, insufficient funds and expired credit/debit cards. Please update card on file promptly, you will receive immediate notification of failed payments.

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