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The BodySystems Method™ of Reflexology provides you with a truly comprehensive understanding and skillful approach to reflexology. 

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Immerse yourself in the world of essential oils. Hands-on learning and practice, assessment and blending, in this ideal environment in which to study the art and science of aromatherapy. A 50 hour in-class course.

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The Key to Health & Longevity

by Rudy Scarfalloto DC

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CE classes offered by local and national instructors

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The Aspiration to Prevent Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

October 19-20, 2019.  16CE

By Dale Alexander Ph.D. MA, BSEd, L.M.T

In this course you will learn

  • The “Sacs & Tubes Theory of Stress”
  • The hip and shoulder have an innate evolutionary pre-disposition for subluxation
  • To help the knee, one must begin with the hip
  • The viscera must be mobilized to help the hips... the kinetic chain begins “inside”
  • That there is a fascial linkage between the shoulders, hips, and knees
  • That subcortical reflexes often exist beneath the surface of joint degenerations
  • That attention to these relationships resolves many chronic low back conditions
  • That infections & pathologies may lurk in the background of joint degeneration
  • An assessment protocol for early detection of hip, knee, & shoulder degeneration
  • How to counsel clients toward medical options

The established models for why knee, hip, and shoulder replacements occur do not include many relevant anatomical relationships that feed into these degenerations.

As Allied Health professionals we can’t help all, yet we can assist many more than we ever imagined if we have the comprehensive understanding and skill sets.

Detoxifying Thai Herbal Massage

October 28.  4 CE (hands-on)

by Dawn Sutton, LMT

Detoxifying Thai Herbal Massage

During this 4-hour hands-on workshop participants will observe, learn and practice the art of massage with the traditional Thai Herbal Ball (herbal medicinal poultice) and how to perform a detoxifying hydrotherapy treatment using a portable steam unit.

Aromatherapy Foundations Course

Essential Oil Image

Aromatherapy Foundations is a 48 hour (in-class) course designed to guide you from novice or enthusiast to being proficient and confident in the key elements of this increasingly popular natural therapy. Through this course, students develop a firm foundation in the understand of therapeutic use of essential oils, for the benefit of body, mind, and spirit.

Upcoming Courses Begin:

Morning Class: January 16, 2020

Evening Class: March 5, 2020

Clinical Assessment for Massage Therapists

Nov. 9-10, 2019.  12 CE (hands-on)

by Rudy Scarfalloto DC

Clinical Assessment

Learn, practice, and review assessment skills to enhance your treatments and client outcomes. Incorporating assessment in your sessions to help guide your treatment approach can have a tremendous impact on positive outcomes and the effectiveness of your work. Distinguish yourself as a massage therapist with the knowledge to properly assess, follow treatment plans, and communicate with your clients and colleagues on a clinical level. Your clients will benefit as will your practice!

Restorative Muscle Techniques - Upper Body

Nov. 4 & 11, 2019.  12 CE (hands-on)

by Ann Pauley, LMT

Become more efficient in your client outcomes and massage practice using quick and easy to use muscle balancing techniques.

Restorative Muscle Techniques was developed to create a deeper understanding of physical imbalances in the body and how to provide uncomplicated corrections.

Throughout this two day training, you will learn and understand how to gently and simply restore muscle balance, whether working with dormant tissues, not firing properly or overly reactive, responding in excess, bringing the body into greater balance.

Foot Reflexology

You will learn:

  • New method to assess the physical body.
  • Palpations skills  used to determine imbalances in muscles.
  • Three techniques to activate muscles, providing  balance and harmony.
  • How to incorporate this modality seamlessly into your current practice.

Reflexology Foundations Course


Foot Reflexology

A comprehensive 42-hour course on the BodySystems Method of Reflexology.

The body has a unique ability to heal and restore itself. Reflexology encourages balance, homeostasis, with a holistic approach taking in to consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each person. 

The BodySystems Method™  is a unique and well-established approach to providing reflexology. This method enables you to be aware at all times the anatomy and physiology you are working, how that system supports and interacts with the other areas of the body and how best to provide support, healing and relaxation. We focus no only on the physical concerns, but also the mind-body-emotional components at hand.

Upcoming Courses Begin:

Morning Class begins: January 14, 2020

Evening Class begins: January 28, 2020