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All refunds are subject to a $10 minimum fee or 3.5% fee for refunds greater than $500.



General Policy

No refund provided within 2 weeks of first day of class. If there is a documented emergency, you may transfer to another class, if available.  Please see the class page in question for any over-riding class-specific policies.



Deposit Payments & Refunds

Class deposits and payments are only refundable according to the following guidelines. Classes may include a non-refundable deposit. This will be noted on the specific class page. The deposit amount of any class tuition having been paid in full remains non-refundable.

If participant:

  • Cancels more than 30 days prior to the first day of class, tuition may be refunded in full. (see refund processing fee)
  • Cancels less than 30 days prior to class, the deposit amount specific to that class is non-refundable, the remaining balance is refundable.
  • Cancels within 14 days of class date no refund may be provided.

If the Heal Center cancels a class for any reason, all tuition and deposits paid will be refunded in full or you may choose to receive credit toward a future class offer by the Heal Center. The Heal Center LLC cannot be held liable for any financial loss or otherwise.



Remaining Balance Owed

When you complete any registration by paying the deposit amount you are giving consent to the Heal Center LLC to charge the remaining balance due, on or after the due date listed or as otherwise agreed upon, using your method of payment at checkout, via an emailed invoice, or any other means of payment. It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is submitted in full by the due date in order to receive any related certificate, transcript, and/or CEUs in a timely manner. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. You may update your payment method at any time by accessing your account from our website or calling us at 404-303-0007.




Late Payments, Fees, and Liability

Late payment fees apply to all class payments when a balance is due by a specific date. (see below).

Continuing Education (CE) classes must be paid in full one week before the start of class. CE Transcripts will be withheld until the balance is settled.

Late fees will be due with any balance owed and also apply to late payments resulting from declined/ failed charges, insufficient funds, and expired credit/debit cards. Please update the card on file promptly, you will receive an immediate notification of failed payments.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Again, you may add or update your payment method at any time by logging in to your client portal.

By registering and /or attending any course, class or event at the Heal Center LLC [Business], you agree to release from all liability and hold harmless the [Business] and any of its employees, contractors, and partners, representing or related to the [Business]. 




Payment Late Fees:

30 days late: 3%

60 days late: 5%

90 days late: 10%




Continuing Education Classes (CE) Statement ¹

¹ The Heal Center LLC sponsors and hosts continuing education classes by NCBTMB approved providers/ instructors/ businesses, in good standing, only. We are careful in selecting and approving only CE classes that both the provider and the Heal Center LLC have determined, to the best of our knowledge, to be accepted CEUs by the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy towards license renewal.

Future rule changes and updates by the GA Board of Massage Therapy can affect CEUs accepted or not accepted towards license renewal.  While we remain vigilant in being aware of such changes and updates, by registering for or attending any class by the Heal Center LLC or the respective CE providers, you agree to the following: The responsibility is ultimately your own to ensure the CEUs will be accepted toward your license renewal, you will not hold the Heal Center LLC or the respective CE providers liable in any manner for any issues, delays, fines or penalties concerning your massage therapy license renewal or the effect thereof.




COVID Waiver

Any person entering the premises waives all civil liability against this premises owner and operator for any injuries caused by the inherent risk associated with contracting COVID-19 at public gatherings, except for gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless infliction of harm, or intentional infliction of harm, by the individual or entity of the premises.




Q & A

Q: How do I pay my account balance, update your payment method, or make payments?

Two options:

  1. Login to your client portal
  • check for any unpaid invoice(s)
  • submit payment
  • add/update information

2. Call us: 404.303.0007