Reiki Training Level II

In addition to elevating the energy of the physical body, which you learned in Reiki Level 1, this class will focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of healing that will make you a more effective healer...
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Reiki Training Level I

Level 1 training will get you started with this life-changing tool. In just 6 hours, you will learn how to bring harmony and joy into your life and the life of your family members, friends and...
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Balancing your Chakras with Essential oils and Colors

If you are in the Healing Arts or interested in getting into the Healing Arts – this workshop is for you! Through hands-on experience and a variety of fun exercises, discover how to balance specific areas of your body so that energy flow is in harmony and your body, mind and spirit are in tune. 
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Reiki Training Master Level

Reiki Master training Atlanta Classes are taught by Michal Spiegelman, Reiki Master, Balance Expert and the founder of Balance Moments. Michal attuned hundreds of people to Reiki so they can tap into this powerful energy and benefit themselves and others.
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Healing Touch Level III

by Jane Hightower

Level 3 teaches the “art” of being a healer. It’s one thing to know how to paint and quite another to be a painter. Level 3 will transform your practice from one of techniques to a canvas of healing energy that will heighten the color palette of your energetic senses, expand your […]

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Magnified Healing Workshop

Integrating Reiki with other techniques will enrich and expand your experience of giving Reiki to yourself and to others.
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Healing Touch – Level II

by Jane Hightower

This class is for students who have taken Level 1 and embraced the intention, feeling and sense that they have “finally found” what their heart has been searching for. Level 2 can be taken by anyone who has taken a Level 1 class. Ideally, before taking Level 2 the student has practiced […]

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Reiki Training Master Level

Master Level: Advanced Reiki
Become certified as a Reiki Master, authorized to teach

Becoming a Reiki Master is an empowering process of self-development, the final step in your Reiki Training. Reiki Level 2 practitioners can benefit from completing the training whether or not they plan to teach. Our focus when teaching the Master Level is to […]

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Divine Women’s Circle Day Retreat

This special retreat is designed for help women create a space where they can take a time-out, breathe, and take a look at life from a new perspective, a place where they are encouraged to listen to their inner voice and find their true selves, amid the support of other women. It is extremely powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey, in their hopes and in their dreams.
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Healing Touch – Level I

Healing Touch Classes
by Jane Hightower
18 CE Hours for RNs and MTs 
Healing Touch is an energy based therapy training offering certification which is designed for nurses or anyone who desires an in-depth understanding of energy healing. There are five levels leading to certification as Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP), but the work learned at each […]

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