Balancing the Low Leg

The Posture Project | Woodstock, GA 303 Hickory Ridge Trail, Woodstock, GA, United States

Study the anatomy of the low leg, foot and ankle, assessment of muscular imbalances, orthopedic tests, and a massage protocol for balancing the low leg. Fibular Displacement is a common problem. When the Fibula is out of place, the effects can ripple throughout the body, affecting knee and hip pain. It can influence a shoulder imbalance, or neck pain and even...

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Balancing the Knee

Brunswick, GA 1604 Newcastle St, Brunswick, GA, United States

The Knee is the innocent bystander between the hips and the ankles. Imbalances in the joints above and below the knee can lead to knee pain, injury, and great discomfort. Many CE courses will specifically address hips, others address the ankles, but here you have found a CE class focused on the Knee! The knee's need help too!

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