Aromatherapy Foundation Class

Learn key elements of this powerful and fascinating world of essential oils and their wide-ranging therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy Certificate Training – Evening Class

A 16-week Certification Course with Roz Zollinger, certified Aromatherapist and Instructor Learn key elements of this increasingly popular natural therapy. A fascinating world of essential oils together with their wide-ranging therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy and the Medicine of the Soul

Join us for this practical workshop to learn how to use essential oils for soul transformation. We will embark on a group journey through the alchemical stages of soul evolution. We will work with essential oils as allies in hands-on exercises to guide us through each stage.

Aromatic Sprays and Bath Salts Workshop: Perfect Gifts for The Holidays

A fun and interactive workshop! Learn some basics about essential oils and the art of bath salt and aromatic spray making for the holidays season and beyond!

Five Element Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Acupoint Massage for Psychological Conditions

Harmonizing the Spirit:

2-day Advanced Certificate (CPD) Seminar with Gabriel Mojay
In this 2-day seminar, Gabriel Mojay addresses the aromatic and acupressure treatment of clients with a range of common psychological health conditions through the synergistic benefits of essential oils and acupoint massage.

As a firm foundation, he shares with participants an intuitive yet practical framework of […]

Aromatherapy for Animals

Aromatherapy for Animals
What is Aromatherapy

When the public thinks about Aromatherapy, it is most often associated with candles and fragrance! In many countries, however, this form of complementary medicine is well accepted and researched and its uses with people as well as animals have been well documented.
Aromatherapy is the art and science of using pure […]