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Welcome to the BodySystems Method™ home study video series!

This resource, available only to students and graduates of the Heal Center’s Reflexology program, provides additional guidance as you practice and become proficient in the BodySystems method of Reflexology. It may also serves as a ‘refresher’ for those returning to the practice of Reflexology and will benefit from reviewing the BodySystems sequence.

Please keep in mind these videos are not a replacement for attending class but rather to supplement your in-class lessons and guided hands-on practice. This is a great resource to reinforce your learning, especially if you are an audio visual learner, and also as a refresher in the future. However, be mindful around developing a tendency to rely too heavily on the videos during your practice times at home. Allow yourself time to practice without the playing videos. Trust your knowledge and understanding, grow your ‘muscle memory’ and sense of the routines.

As the video series is intended only for current students and graduates, it is not a replacement for attending classes and is not to be shared with others.