For several years now we have had the pleasure of hosting the Touch For Health Energy Kinesiology class series by Earl and Gail Cook. This a profound and substantiated healing system, yet we are often asked what Touch For Health is and what are the benefits of studying this healing system. So, who better to ask than our friends and colleagues Earl and Gail Cook, creators of and Atlanta’s Touch For Health classes.

Touch for Health (TFH) is a modern synthesis of ancient Eastern knowledge of the energetic meridian system with recent Western discoveries. The Acupuncture meridians were mapped over 4,000 years ago in China and connect the entire body…  organs and muscles with the nonphysical aspects of  thoughts and emotions. The free flow of Chi through  the meridians causes muscles to ‘lock’ while blockages,  caused by a variety of stressors, will cause a muscle to unlock. 

TFH is popularly known as energy kinesiology because it uses standard muscle tests as a biofeedback tool to assess the state of Chi in the meridian to which a muscle is connected. Muscle testing is not a strength test but is a monitoring of the ‘locking capability’ of the muscle. This is why many consider the muscle test as used in TFH to be actually monitoring stress levels in the body and in the related energetic meridians. When properly done, the muscle test can become an excellent tool for this purpose. In TFH, there are a total of 42 muscle tests learned. The muscles for the primary 14 meridians are learned in TFH Level 1.

The Western pioneers have also added a number of techniques that can be used to restore the free flow of Chi throughout the body. This process is called ‘Energetic Balancing’ in TFH and this safe technique is used by lay people as well as a number of professions.

Touch for Health is similar to Reiki, Chi Gong, Yoga and many of the other energetic healing techniques that are based on enhancing the flow of Chi. What sets TFH apart is the muscle test which allows you to immediately detect the state of the energy via the instant feedback the body provides. Then, TFH uses techniques which involve a variety of holding reflex points, briefly massaging specific points, tracing the meridians and other special purpose techniques. Pain relief, reduced stress and overall wellness and balance are common results.

TFH authors and founder, Dr. John Thie and his wife, Carrie, studied closely with psychotherapist, Virginia Satir, PhD. As a result, goal setting while balancing became a central theme in TFH. When people think of meaningful goals, the process induces stress into the body. This activates the stress response system causing the higher reasoning functions of the human brain to be bypassed and we see muscles begin to unlock due to the presence of stress. Therefore, in TFH, meaningful goals are identified and then ‘balanced upon’ with positive results. While it may be impossible to remove all the causes of stress, it is possible to modify and improve the body’s response to the stressors causing the stress. Afterwards, when people ponder and think about their goals, there is less stress attached to this process and less mental pain. When this happens, it allows people to achieve their goals more often because they are using the higher functions of comprehension, reason and creativity without activating the stress response ‘survival’ systems of the brain and body.

From this short description, it is easy to see that Touch for Health is a holistic modality and integrates an understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our body. It is a basic belief in TFH that if you can assist a person to improve in any area by activating the innate healing powers of the body, it will have positive effects upon the whole body and being. 

Touch for Health is taught at the Heal Center by Earl Cook and assisted by his wife, Gail. They have both been using the TFH techniques since 1976 when a seven-year injury of Earl’s was fixed within minutes using these techniques. Earl created the eTouch for Health software which automates and enhances the learning, teaching, practice and presentation of Touch for Health. This software is being used in homes, clinics, spas and schools in over 75 countries. Earl has spoken at conferences in Switzerland, Japan, Washington, DC, Austin and San Juan, PR. In Kyoto, Japan, Earl was awarded the 2010 John Thie Award presented by the International Kinesiology College (IKC) for his work in promoting TFH and for his research efforts. Earl has been teaching TFH since 2005 and loves the experience of personally working with students.

The safe and non-diagnostic techniques are used by lay people as well as a number of healthcare professionals. The TFH classes offer Continuing Education credits for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Acupuncturists and Athletic Trainers. 

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