What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic science using the feet (and hands) as a mini-map or microcosm of the body. It is a natural, non-invasive science of stimulating reflex areas in the feet (or hands) that correspond to our organs, glands and body parts. A Reflexologist works with a type of compression massage or thumb walk on the feet, following the reflection of the body systems. By applying a firm (yet sensitive) pressure on these reflex areas,the practitioner can assess stressed or imbalanced areas in the body. This one-hour session (or 1.5hrs if one works both feet and hands) is a wonderful way to reduce stress, improve circulation and restore balance. Reflexology is an extremely nurturing and relaxing experience! We have thousands of nerve endings in the feet. The goal of reflexology is to assist the body to return to a state of homeostasis.

Roz Zollinger founded the “BodySystems Method of Reflexology” which is a unique approach whereby the practitioner works systematically through the major systems of the body via the feet. The premise of reflexology is that all parts of the body are connected to the feet via energy zones or pathways (Similar, but not the same as the Acupuncture Meridians) By using a type of compression massage, the body’s innate energy flow is supported and the nerve supply to the body is stimulated. Over 28 years ago, Roz also founded the concept of “Aromatic Reflexology”, incorporating the use of highly therapeutic essential oil synergies with her work on the feet.

As reflexologists, we believe that the body has a unique ability to heal and restore itself through a holistic approach, taking into consideration the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the person. It is important for reflexologists to recognize that they are not medical practitioners, therefore they cannot diagnose, rather they can assess various “stress areas” or energy blocks in the body and work the feet to stimulate the body’s natural forces. Reflexology cannot take the place of medical help when needed. We can simply work to complement orthodox medicine.

The history of Reflexology has been traced back thousands of years, having originated in China, but also can be traced from India, Japan and Egypt. It was modernized in the late 1800’s and especially early 1900’s. There is tremendous growth of this modality around the world, and countries like South Africa, Denmark,Israel, the UK and Japan, to name but a few, have brought the standard of practice to a very professional level. Currently, there are more than 300 research studies worldwide, documenting the effectiveness of reflexology.

Reflexology is beneficial for:

Stress related issues: Headaches, Insomnia, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue
Hormonal Imbalances / Infertility
Improving Digestion
Sinus / Respiratory Issues
And much more. Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique situation with our Reflexologist.

What does a Reflexology session feel like?

Reflexology is a nurturing, centering and therapeutic experience. The client takes off their shoes and socks and lays comfortably on a massage table (or zero gravity chair) ,covered with a light blanket and propped slightly up with pillows under their head and a bolster under their knees. The experience of the room is nurturing, yet professional, with gentle piano music and a soft ambience. The practitioner may choose an essential oil blend that is suitable for the needs of the client and begins by massaging both feet. Once the general warm-up is over, one foot is covered with a towel and one would proceed to work all the body systems on the one foot, while assessing problem/stressed areas in the client. A routine is followed, starting with the Nervous System. After completing one foot, the same routine is repeated on the second foot. By this time, the client is very relaxed, sometimes even asleep! After completing all the systems with the finger walk routine, the reflexologist goes back and works on areas that have shown up to be out of balance. This is followed by some relaxation work, the Metamorphic Technique and finally the feet are wrapped in hot moist towels.

Clients have described a Reflexology session as an hour or more of total relaxation and bliss. Apart from the therapeutic effects of Reflexology with the added benefit of essential oils, there is also the spiritual/emotional component of this work. One cannot isolate just the physical issue; there is always an emotional or spiritual component that is out of balance. A professional Reflexologist at the Heal Center Wellness Collective brings all facets of the work combining Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Energywork together in order to help clients create health and wellness; body/mind/spirit.