Since 1992 the Heal Center has been committed to providing excellent alternative and holistic care. Today, as the Heal Center Wellness Collective, the practitioner team, we maintain the highest standards of holistic care and strive to keep it accessible and convenient to our community by offering various cost options and schedules. We believe, through our Wellness Programs and prepaid package savings, we have made our services accessible to our community as a whole.

Why a Prepaid system?

We believe our client’s financial and personal commitment to our wellness services should be rewarded. You will save from $15 to $100 by prepaying for 3 to 10 sessions. Whether you come in once a month or weekly, we have options that will make this ideal concept of maintaining health your reality.

Packages are based on Massage Therapy sessions with Michael Zollinger, LMT.  Ask about including other modalities.

All online transactions are processed securely by PayPal

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