Thai Yoga Therapy

This workshop is perfect for Massage Therapists, Yoga Practitioners, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists and all others who want to learn this ancient hands on technique. The technique combines gentle rocking, slow deep compression and passive assisted stretching exercises to clothed recipients that lie on a comfortable floor mat
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Mind-Body Fusion Therapy – Lower Body

Level 1 begins with the physical body where you can start to see and feel the energetic connection between mind-body. You learn to activate muscles to bring balance to the body and mind.
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NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

NMR provides fast, easy, corrections for complex coordination dysfunctions of the hips and low back. Correcting poor sequencing among the muscles controlling movement and stabilization in these area quickly restores proper biomechanics and range of motion, alleviating chronic and acute pain of the gluteals, SIJ and Lumbar Spine.
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Five Element Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Acupoint Massage for Psychological Conditions

Harmonizing the Spirit:

2-day Advanced Certificate (CPD) Seminar with Gabriel Mojay
In this 2-day seminar, Gabriel Mojay addresses the aromatic and acupressure treatment of clients with a range of common psychological health conditions through the synergistic benefits of essential oils and acupoint massage.

As a firm foundation, he shares with participants an intuitive yet practical framework of […]

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Geriatric Massage Certification

Picture yourself going through a whole day of work, generously giving, and walking away still feeling energized. Imagine your hands feeling relaxed and your heart feeling full from all the interaction with your clients! It IS possible through Geriatric Massage!!
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Healing Night – design your healing experience

Healing Night – A Community Wellness Experience is a unique experience offering an open, healing atmosphere in which you receive the treatments you desire at an affordable cost and within your time restraints. This is a casual, supportive and relaxing setting to receive the same high quality care as our traditional wellness center but in […]

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