Reflexology Certification – Evening Class

A 14-week Certification Course with Roz Zollinger, Certified Reflexologist and Instructor
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Aromatherapy Certification – Evening Class

A 16-week Certification Course with Roz Zollinger, certified Aromatherapist and Instructor Learn key elements of this increasingly popular natural therapy. A fascinating world of essential oils together with their wide-ranging therapeutic benefits.
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Lymphatic Massage, Working with the Lymphatic System After Cancer Treatment

Learn what happens when pathways of the lymphatic system have been interrupted and how lymphedema develops. You will learn how to distinguish primary lymphedema from secondary lymphedema.
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Mind-Body Fusion Therapy – Lower Body

Level 1 begins with the physical body where you can start to see and feel the energetic connection between mind-body. You learn to activate muscles to bring balance to the body and mind.
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