Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials: Arches & Legs

The feet and legs are literally the foundation for the rest of our structure and this workshop will analyze the bones of the feet and how they conspire to help or hinder the arches.

Muscle Testing for body Therapists – Level I

Deepen your knowledge of the muscular system and learn how to use muscle testing to locate hidden Musculoskeletal problems.

Oncology Massage: Caring for Clients with Cancer

As the role of massage therapy in cancer care expands, it is an exciting time to provide oncology massage. In this intensive course, we combine the art and practice of touch to create safe, effective massage sessions for clients with cancer and cancer histories.

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

NMR provides fast, easy, corrections for complex coordination dysfunctions of the hips and low back. Correcting poor sequencing among the muscles controlling movement and stabilization in these area quickly restores proper biomechanics and range of motion, alleviating chronic and acute pain of the gluteals, SIJ and Lumbar Spine.