spotmanyOutlive cancer …
spotmany who are!
We are alive … PERIOD!
Do you know someone who has cancer? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could help them find support – Emotional support and support that can really help them live beyond their cancer diagnosis.
If you are in treatment for cancer or have just finished treatment, you need to know that others do outlive cancer. Those outliving cancer live in our community. They are statbusters; they are living beyond the medical statistics of cancer. The more statbusters you meet the more confident you will be that you too can outlive cancer. It’s the power of your thought creating your reality. Encourage your thoughts to have the favorable outcome of outliving cancer. Let your thoughts create your reality.
If you have outlived cancer 2, 3, 5 … 10, 12 or more years, cancer patients in treatment or those who have just finished treatment need to meet you. You have the incredible opportunity to promote others to do exactly what you have accomplished. Simply make yourself present at our gatherings. Join us once a month as we make our success stories known.
There is power in numbers. You can make a difference. Help others who are facing a cancer diagnosis. Help others who are stepping beyond their cancer treatment. You were once in their shoes.  It’s time for you to help them. You are a statbuster. You are outliving cancer. Let them see you. Let them meet you. Let them learn from you. Give them the encouragement that they can outlive cancer too.
Join statbuster and author of I’m Alive … Period! – A Cancer Recovery Handbook, Janet Kempe, who has outlived her ovarian cancer diagnosis for more than 12 years. Janet used the power of thought during her cancer treatment – the power of meeting people outliving cancer. She made it her mission to meet and learn from those who are successfully outliving cancer.
We have a spot saved for you. Learn from those who are outliving cancer … spotmany who are. If we can do it, so can you!
Outlive Cancer … SPOTMANY!
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