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Touch for Health (TFH) and eTouch for Health are a modern synthesis of ancient Eastern knowledge of the vital energies of the body with Western techniques. The field is generally known as Energy Kinesiology due to the linkage between standard muscle tests and their use in monitoring and providing feedback from the energetic systems of the body.

Touch for Health is a non-diagnostic Complementary and Alternative Holistic Healthcare Model. For all serious and life-threatening situations, always seek the care of healthcare professionals.

The Touch for Health methodology was developed by Dr. John Thie based upon a non-diagnostic subset of the Applied Kinesiology techniques first developed by chiropractor George Goodheart who connected the muscle tests of Kindall & Kindall to the energetic meridian system outlined by the Acupuncture Meridians.

As a holistic model, Touch for Health recognizes that the source of pain can be physical, emotional, mental and, even, spiritual. Many times, they are all involved. TFH also recognizes that Stress is at the root cause of many of our aches and pains. Therefore, TFH focuses on the whole person with a realization that if a person can be helped in any of these areas, it will affect the whole person.

Muscle testing is used as a bio-feedback mechanism for determining the state of the energy in the body and for identifying energy blockages. Basically, the Manual Muscle Test (MTT) is used to monitor stressors in the body and provide instant feedback. In Touch for Health, the MMT is conducted by isolating a selected muscle and then applying a small amount of consistent pressure for a short amount of time. The goal is not to test the strength of the muscle but, a check to see whether the muscle is capable of locking. If the muscle is unable to lock, then Touch for Health offers a variety of simple techniques for restoring balance and the ability of the muscle to lock.

A variety of touch techniques such as: holding an Acupressure Point; briefly rubbing a reflex; or tracing an Acupuncture Meridian can be used to balance these energies. The body is constantly attempting to reach a state of homeostatis and balance. We simply work to help the body achieve this energetic balance so that it functions at its optimum and stays in a state of Wellness and balance.

One of the most common and obvious results of a Touch for Health balance is an improvement in posture. This happens as the muscles of the body begin to function properly again allowing the body to be balanced and relaxed while having less pain with lowered stress levels. It is really a simple process, but can produce amazing results.

The muscle testing and reflex procedures taught in TFH form the foundation of many of the other types of kinesiology used by many health care professionals as adjunctive methods in their practices. The Interactive Tree of Touch for Health shows many of these different models that have sprung from the basics of Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Energy Kinesiology. TFH Interactive Tree

eTouch for Health (CD-ROM) is the electronic version of Touch for Health. eTouch was introduced to the TFHKA community by Dr. Thie as part of his opening ceremonies presentation at the 2003 TFHKA conference in San Diego, California. Dr. Thie helped and encouraged us immensely while developing eTouch for Health.

eTouch is a session-tracking and reporting system as well as a learning and research tool. Excellent for beginners and for the more-experienced practitioner needing an advanced tool in their practice.

• Interactive Reference for learning concepts and techniques

• Digital movies of 42 muscle tests (with Dr. Thie) and balancing techniques

• Interactive illustrations provide specific detail

• Three tutorials provide specific steps to assist in learning Touch for Health

• Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Workshop Manuals included in PDF format

• Sophisticated and flexible Wizard provides easy ways to build a testing/balancing session that is tailored to your specific needs

• Sessions are stored for later reference or duplication

• Logical organization puts information at your fingertips

• QuickTime® movies provide step-by-step demonstrations

• The Meridian Wheel automatically indicates energy ‘Beaver Dams’

• The Five Elements link directly to associated Metaphors

• Includes agreements based on the new California Health Freedom Bill

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